Crypto scams of 2021 | Top 5

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There have always been scammers in the world, and as most people know, the internet and the crypto world aren’t exceptions to scams either.

I present to you my favorite crypto scams of 2021:

1. Tinder Scam

Tinder scam crypto
Photo by Simmone Henne on flickr

This happens to the user u/samdotla and explains in Reddit how s/he consider themself a veteran in crypto and that s/he could avoid this scam thanks to it.

Basically, it narrates how when it joined Tinder, a “cute Asian girl” keep having a really organic talk and didn’t show any signs of the scam until after 3 weeks of talking. u/samdotla avoided the scam (not everyone gets this lucky), and it is an interesting read. You should check his/her history.

2. Scammers use footage of youtubers

While this case can have many examples, the one that I will be referencing is the influencer Spiffs. It is still in the debate saying that there is a possibility that the YouTuber Spiffs by itself is the one doing it, but people are not sure and are saying that if he recommended, they would do it.

Remember not because an influencer recommends something that it means it has to be 100% good. Make your own investigation!

3. Scams in the App stores

Certainly, if there is a will, there is a way. Google and Apple have been fighting with scamming apps since the beginning of their respective App Stores.

Scammers could avoid jumping to the opportunity to profit on the rise in cryptocurrency and its popularity. They like to appear like legit app/developers of a legit crypto company offering a crypto wallet or using phishing to invest in something that will make you lose your funds.

Always double or triple check what you use.

4. Fake giveaways

Normally one will be cautious about any giveaway and more if it came from a famous person. The problem is that if the one that approaches you is a verified account on Twitter, one will tend to lower the caution and trust a little more in the possibility that it is real.

This was the case with an account verified of Elon Musk on Twitter offering giveaways and putting links in their tweets for committing scams.

The scammers won around $145,000 in just one week, leaving people at 0$.

5. Telegram invitations

At some point, everyone has been invited to an investment, giveaway, airdrop or been contacted because they need help with money issues.

One of the most recent cases that I know has happened with Cardano Company, where the scammers contacted several people through telegram to be part of it, to lose their crypto.

Here is the official tweet about what Cardano Company says about it:

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