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Enjin Coin: Where is it Used And Where to Buy it?

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Enjin Coin- ENJ- is an Ethereum-based token that integrates with gaming, and NFT decentralized apps, allowing people to use it as a currency to buy and sell items on a marketplace. As an ERC-20 coin, it is compatible with the Ethereum wallet. Enjin network has evolved from merely being crypto to working with other companies to integrate their features on the Enjin ecosystem. With the features that this gaming ecosystem has, game developers, can integrate their innovations on the platform and incorporate monetization strategies.

For those looking for where to buy Enjin Coin, they can purchase it on a cryptocurrency exchange like Whalesheaven. The Enjin platform allows users to buy, sell and trade NFTs. Blockchain assets that are available in its marketplace can be used in gaming environments. People can use fiat currency to buy the native coin which is then utilized in purchasing the tokenized digital assets on the gaming community platform. Users can also trade Enjin Coin in cryptocurrency exchanges like other liquid tokens in existence.

As an ERC-20 token, holders can store their coins on a crypto wallet that is compatible with Ethereum. Whether to buy Enjin tokens or not should be based on what you intend to achieve by doing this, it is crucial to understand that this does not constitute investment advice.

What is available on Enjin?

Enjin platform like other crypto ecosystems has a tradable feature, meaning that its native coin, ENJ, can be traded on crypto exchanges. People can buy ENJ, sell it, and convert it into non-fungible tokens. Some cryptocurrency exchanges allow their users to buy ENJ with payment methods that allow fiat currencies like debit cards, as well as converting other cryptos to the Enjin tokens.

Enjin Coin ENJ is more than a means of payment, as it allows crypto enthusiasts to enjoy use cases in NFTs, games and other digital assets, as well as applications.

Its marketplace has gaming assets that can be traded and utilized in games like Lost Relics and Spirit Clash.

Where to buy Enjin Coin ENJ?

Enjin Coin is a popular token and can be accessed on multiple crypto exchanges like Whalesheaven. Before deciding to buy the token on any trading platform, it is crucial to do your own research about the terms and conditions concerning the usage of the exchange. As earlier mentioned, this is not investment advice.

• Whalesheaven

Enjin ecosystem offers the freedom that comes with seamlessly buying, selling, and trading tokenized digital assets in a decentralized manner. It is only wise to purchase such tokens in a decentralized crypto exchange like ours, Whalesheaven.

Buying ENJ on Whalesheaven is as easy as reciting the alphabet because it is easy to create retail investor accounts on the exchange without worrying about any KYC protocol. New users can seamlessly create accounts, buy or sell the Enjin token and other cryptocurrencies on the exchange in a safe environment.

As a peer-to-peer custody-free exchange, Whalesheaven does not hold the funds of its users, offering a decentralized means of exchange. People can trade their Enjin Coin against Bitcoin, Ether, stable coins, private coins and other gaming tokens. Both small and large volume traders have access to a high level of transactional protection. 

Trading fees are highly competitive, and currently one of the lowest in the crypto market. Traders do not have to worry about parting with a large percentage of their transaction amount in fees. Withdrawing any token on the exchange is free, as users do not pay a dime to do this, not minding their volume of coins.

As a Non-custodial platform, users can rest assured that their funds are not being held by any centralized authority, thereby reducing the chances of losing their crypto during a compromise attempt. To offer security to the different participants during a trade, our exchange uses a multi-sig wallet feature.

People can buy and sell large amounts of Enjin Coin without necessarily interfering with the market price. Those that want to sell bulk volume of any coin can do so seamlessly on our exchange, without interfering with price while keeping their interest regardless of market direction.

Creating an auction is quite simple on Whalesheaven, and once that is done, they start receiving offers from buyers.


This is one of the biggest exchanges in India and it offers ENJ trading opportunities. WazirX was acquired by Binance in November 2019.  It currently accepts users from different regions, though its services are banned in some countries like the US.

As a subsidiary under the control of Binance, the exchange is known for its top quality. As a custodial exchange, they hold the funds of users and request that new users undergo the KYC process. Every user must be above 18 years and upload their identity document, proof of residence, as well as selfie before they are allowed to use the platform.


If you are looking for where to buy Enjin coin, KuCoin comes to mind. KuCoin exchange is a custodial trading platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies of different types. It uses a tier system, where users that refuse to undergo the KYC process are restricted from using most of the features. They are limited to a set daily withdrawal and deposit limit, which can be changed once they verify their identity.

Users can buy ENJ with either other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. As a custodial exchange, they hold the funds for their users.

• Binance

One of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Binance allows its users to purchase and sell their Enjin Coin seamlessly. As a centralized exchange, it has a strict KYC policy that can’t be waived. This means that new users must verify their identity before they can carry out any transaction in the exchange. It is also known for blacklisting accounts if they have the slightest suspicions concerning a transaction.

This exchange has one of the highest liquidity once it comes to buying and selling the Enjin tokens. Binance can be accessed in many countries except for the US and UK. People have complained that the user interface is complex and not ideal for a new user.

• has an easy-to-use interface that caters to new users, while possessing charts for professional traders. On this exchange, KYC is mandatory as users are expected to verify their identity before they are allowed to utilize any feature.

Enjin coins can be bought and sold on this 2013 trading platform. Before utilizing this platform, find out if it is allowed in your region.

• Coinbase

Another exchange that allows crypto enthusiasts to stockpile their ENJ token is Coinbase. This trading platform is currently listed on NASDAQ and available in the US. Coinbase is known for its close relationship with the government and agencies.

The exchange offers a myriad of cryptocurrencies, which can be accessed only by those that have verified their identities. As a government ally, Coinbase has been involved in different collaborative activities with the government. Like their counterpart, Binance, they can blacklist any account and freeze the funds contained in it at the slightest whiff of suspicion.

It is a centralized platform that holds the funds of users, though it claims to store at least 90% in offline storage systems.

Which Games Use Enjin Coins?

Enjin Coin and its resulting digital assets are currently being used by some gaming platforms

Space Misfits

Space Misfits is a gaming platform that offers users an immersive experience where they utilize cryptocurrencies to hunt, collect and mine assets. With the Enjin feature, gamers have access to a higher level of control by turning the assets into NFTs. Space Misfits has transcended into a Play-to-Earn platform with Enjin’s JumpNet blockchain technology.

War of Crypta

This is a PvP multiplayer game that allows players to control and customize their avatars. Gamers select the heroes that they want and add them to their team. They can fight other competitors for different reasons.

The Six Dragons 

The immersive gameplay on this game is intriguing, and it possesses three character classes, which are the warrior, mage and cleric. Gamers battle it out with others by using different weapons created for the caring classes of characters.

With the Enjin architecture, gamers are allowed to build new in-game assets that can be used in The Six Dragons. When a player loses to their competitors, they can be stripped of their important digital assets like potions, armour and swords.

The Blockchain Blacksmith Service in The Six Dragons allows users to craft their customized assets by following the recipes of other gamers.


Enjin Coin’s use cases cut across different fields, especially the gaming space. For those that are looking for where to buy Enjin coin, there are multiple exchanges that offer the token. Some request that their users undergo stringent KYC processes, while others like our exchange, Whalesheaven do not require an identity verification process.

This token can be used in existing games or utilized in accessing the development features on the Enjin ecosystem. Game developers can create their innovations on the Enjin platform.

Rose Nnamdi Rose is an astute crypto writer that loves penning content on cryptos, DeFi and other blockchain-based platforms. I can be reached at [email protected]