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A Dive Into Schnorr Multisignature

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schnorr multisignature scheme shown as a smart phone and a computer are both connected to an illustration of a lock

Multi signature scheme is one of the security measures put in place to prevent an intruder from having access to the private key and stealing funds. In some cases, a digital signature scheme may ensure signature generation by smart cards, thereby reducing the chance of the theft of a private key. A type of multisignature algorithm is the Schnorr multi-signatures.

Schnorr signatures offer a higher level of security while improving the speed of validation and ensuring that private transactions are done in the network. A key element of this multisig scheme is that it allows the aggregation of multisignatures.

As an efficient signature generation scheme, Schnorr makes key generation possible by merging the multiple signatures into a single signature. Usually, this could be achieved when the inputs of the private keys are aggregated.

What multisignature issues does Schnorr solve?

Many blockchains use smart contracts or scripting to validate that transactions are signed. This may have some perks, but it comes with some limitations.

Prone to errors

In the past, scripting has suffered from errors, which resulted in a loss to the tune of millions of dollars. Some vulnerabilities occurred in Parity’s MultiSig contract, in the Ethereum network, which led to losses of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Privacy concerns

It is easy to tell with the typical multiple signature schemes that a Multisig address is being used, thereby drawing attention to the transactions linked to the address, but that is not the case with Schnorr multisignatures.

Level of efficiency

Traditional multisignature schemes increase the transaction size, which in turn, increase their gas fees. In Schnorr, users can benefit from multi signatures without worrying about increased transaction fees.

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What are the advantages of simple Schnorr threshold signatures?

Schnorr has some perks that make it stand out from the rest. For example, it has a faster speed than ECDSA signatures, which is important in a world that needs fast transactions.

Incorporating schemes based on the Schnorr Multi Signatures into Bitcoin heighten the capacity and performance of the Bitcoin network. Some advantages that accrue to this digital security feature will be discussed below:


Private transactions are possible because the scheme stops the transaction signatures from being observable. The only thing that can be viewed is the blanket signature for the aggregated transactions, meaning that it will almost be impossible to know the actual participant that carried out a transaction.

One reason that it is difficult for an observer to know the signer of the transaction is because aggregated signatures are used. In the Schnorr scheme, privacy and scalability are improved through signature aggregation, meaning that the signatures of different signers are combined to form a single signature. The single signature is called the master signature, and it has the length of a typical one-signer signature.


Other schemes based on multisignatures are not as simple as other signatures. In their simplicity, they are more secure than others, while injecting an important feature, linearity into the network. With this feature, people are seeing the need to use it for multisignature transactions, especially since the multisig supported by Bitcoin is not as simple as the aforementioned.

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Rose Nnamdi Rose is an astute crypto writer that loves penning content on cryptos, DeFi and other blockchain-based platforms. I can be reached at [email protected]