Rose Nnamdi Rose is an astute crypto writer that loves penning content on cryptos, DeFi and other blockchain-based platforms. I can be reached at [email protected]

Does An Anonymous Trading Platform Exist?

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Most people want to trade anonymously without having to worry about the rigorous identity verification process. They want to make withdrawals or fund their wallets with money or altcoins per day.

is there an anonymous cryptocurrency platform that allows users to do their trading without the KYC process that includes users disclosing the date of birth and phone number? The answer of how to do bitcoin trading without KYC will be answered in detail in this article.

Are there anonymous Bitcoin exchanges?

Anonymity is a key tenet of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and it is one reason that many people embraced it. When the user is forced to do the Know Your Customer process, it tends to defeat the process. It means that the user has to unveil their identity, which may scare some users.

P2P anonymous exchanges exist, and they allow users to buy or sell and even make withdrawals of different currencies without having to go through the Know Your Customer process.

A trading platform that offers P2P service and falls into this category makes their registration process quite seamless. Their features are tailored to ensure that both buyers and sellers can interact without the presence of an intermediary or custodial service.

What Exchanges Have No KYC?

Many popular cryptocurrency exchanges require their users to carry out KYC processes that involve stringent personal identity verification processes. For instance, Binance and Coinbase need their users to submit their Identity Card before they can get involved in any trading volume within the crypto exchanges.

A trading platform like Whalesheaven stands out from the rest, making itself one of the best anonymous crypto exchanges in existence.

What Does The Completely Anonymous Crypto Exchange, Whalesheaven Offer?

As a P2P custody-free crypto exchange, users can engage in small and large trading volumes, while getting the highest level of protection in existence. Users can buy or sell stable coins, as well as popular altcoins.

Third-party custodial crypto trading platforms are plagued with centralization issues like security risks because they have access to users’ funds when they trade the coins.

At the moment, people enjoy the lowest ever commissions in cryptocurrency exchange history when they do trades. Withdrawal fees are free, meaning that the user doesn’t have to worry about paying outrageous fees before they can withdraw their currency.

Volatility is a big issue in many crypto exchanges, especially when the seller intends to sell a great deal of crypto like ETH, BTC, and so on. Whalesheaven is designed to solve this issue because it can sell large amounts without interfering with price or affecting the market.

Down to what you have been waiting for, the anonymity level of crypto exchange, Whalesheaven. Trading anonymously is now possible with Whalesheaven, as users can decide to ignore the KYC process within the trading platform. For those users that want to request KYC, they can choose that option, while others that want anonymous trading can enjoy this benefit.

Does an anonymous wallet exist?

There has been an increase in trust for cryptocurrency wallets and non custodial exchanges like Whalesheaven because of the anonymity and ease in transactions that they offer. Users can easily send and receive coins without jumping through hoops.

WH Cypher is a Multi-sig wallet extension created by us at WhalesHeaven, and it can work on any exchange, both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Through this multi-sig wallet extension, users can carry out crypto trades on our exchange, WhalesHeaven and other exchanges without needing to give up their private details. Using this WH Cypher extension allows people to securely store their ERC 20, BSC and other tokens. The user interface was designed to offer intense user experience, and allow traders to have full control over their trading process.

Rose Nnamdi Rose is an astute crypto writer that loves penning content on cryptos, DeFi and other blockchain-based platforms. I can be reached at [email protected]